Richard loves dog walking


Dog Walker

Hi, I’m Richard! While growing up in the English countryside, I worked on a farm and was always around animals…dogs, cats, birds, various farm animals, and even a peacock! I enjoy music, cooking, extreme hiking, and spending time with family.

I became a dog walker because of my love for animals and it is one of the healthiest activities you can do. I have a dog named Gilbert and he is an 8 year old King Charles Cavalier cross.






Amy the Dog Walker


Dog Walker

Amy has loved animals since childhood. She grew up in the bush in Northern Ontario on a small hobby farm with cows, ducks, chickens, pheasants, and two large husky-mix dogs. Her favourite activity as a child was catching (and eventually releasing) frogs. She once surprised a bear who was standing on the front porch of the house. She has lived in Mississauga for twenty years and is married and has two teenage sons.

Amy has a Miniature Australian Shepherd named Ziggy Stardust and two massive goldfish who are at least eight years old and will probably outlive her. She enjoys taking Ziggy for hikes. The fish refuse to go for hikes, just like her teenagers.

In her spare time Amy loves reading fiction. She also writes fiction. She has recently completed her first mystery novel and is at work on the second in a series. Unfortunately, fiction writing doesn’t pay very well unless you are Margaret Atwood or Stephen King, so Amy walks dogs for a living! Luckily, she absolutely loves walking dogs and would probably do this job even if she won the lottery.