Dog Walking

Group Dog Walking

Under close supervision, dogs in our group walks are free to play and explore and to do what dogs do in a nearby leash free park in Mississauga. Each dog walking excursion is one hour in length not including pick ups and drop offs. We bring water for the dogs to drink if needed (as in the summer water is supplied at the parks).

At Suburban Dog, it’s not just another walk in the park! It’s regular practice for our dog walkers to provide some basic obedience training (for those who require it) to stay with the pack, to “drop it”, and more… We also cater to each dog’s specific needs; some enjoy playing fetch, others prefer to play a game of chase with his friends. We want your dog to enjoy his time with us each and every day, doing what he likes most.

Requirements: Dogs must be friendly towards people and other dogs, spayed/neutered, be fully vaccinated (including leptospirosis and kennel cough vaccines) and up-to-date, and at least 6 months old to join one of our groups.

Benefits of Group Walks:

  • regular socialization with other dog sizes and breeds
  • lots of play and exercise
  • recall training
  • walkers are trained to walk up to 8 dogs per group
  • walkers have permits to walks up to 8 dogs per group (as per Mississauga Dog Walkers By-Law)

Private Dog Walking

Dogs on our private walks will tour your neighbourhood with one of our trained dog walkers. Each walk is 30 minutes in length (including cleaning paws etc) and is customized to fit your dog’s specific energy level. Whether he would enjoy a slow, steady stroll or a more brisk walk, we ensure that your dog will return home relaxed and content.

One excellent benefit of this service is that we train our dogs to properly walk on leash. Whether it’s a group walk or a private walk, our dog walking service really lets your dog get the exercise they need to stay healthy and happy.

Benefits of Private Walks:

  • training to walk properly on leash (i.e. heel)
  • speed of walk is customized to dog’s physical ability

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