5 Reasons To Sign Your Dog Up For Group Walks

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Man’s best friend- Dogs have truly earned that title for not only being our companions during uncertain times but also being there for our emotional needs. We have all thought about owning a pet at some point in our lives, and the fortunate few people who proudly call themselves, pet owners know that taking care of a pet is no easy task.

Just as people need to socialize and exercise for a healthy lifestyle, dogs do, too. Oftentimes, people forget the amount of effort that goes into caring for their pets. You need to feed them, clean after them, take them out for walks and play with them just as you would with a child.

Your pet would benefit from socializing with other dogs by playing with them, learning appropriate pack behaviours, exercising and breathing the fresh air. If you cannot find the time to take your dogs out for long walks for whatever reason, let a professionally trained Dog Walker in Mississauga do it for you!

There are several benefits to letting your dog go on group walks with other dogs. A trained professional will accompany your dog and other people’s dogs on a group walk. During these walks, your dog will socialize with other dogs, learn appropriate pack behaviours, exercise and experience new sights and smells.


Your dog will love the long walks and exercise he/she gets from group activities. As they play with other dogs, they tend to move around more and enjoy themselves. Help your dog burn through all that extra energy during long group walks. Moreover, by the time they come back home, they will be tired enough to rest and nap. You are well aware of the benefits of exercise for both humans and canines. Exercising daily is shown to increase blood circulation, stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Group walks for dogs have shown to allow them to socialize with each other. Just as we learn to behave appropriately through social and cultural norms, dogs pick up on appropriate behaviours by interacting with other breeds of dogs of all ages. Socializing dogs when they are puppies is extremely important as it helps them learn that new dogs, people and places are not always a threat. This will help the dog become confident as it grows older. You may be able to take your dog out for walks without a leash without fear of them attacking other dogs or people.

Learn Appropriate Behaviour

Dogs are social animals and, just like humans, pick up appropriate behaviour from others around them. During group walks, new dogs will observe the behaviour of well-trained dogs on what is appropriate behaviour. It then becomes easy to train your dog on simple commands like sit, stay, bark, fetch and other simple commands.

Experience New Sights and Smells

Dog walkers will usually take your pets on new paths, trails or parks. Your dog will then get to experience new sights, sounds and smells. This is not only good for their physical well-being but also contributes to their emotional development.

Benefit from a Professional Dog Walker

You will benefit from using the services of a professional dog walker in Mississauga. They are certified in first aid, dog walking safety, dealing with aggressive dogs and communication. Based on education and experience, the professional dog walker will place your dog with other compatible dogs to ensure its development. Moreover, rest easy knowing that a professional dog walker will truly care about your dog during their walks.