Dog Daycare

If your dog loves adventure, then he’ll love our full-day dog daycare program!

Your dog will be picked up in the morning and accompany other dogs and his dog walker to a local leash-free dog park for one (1) hour. After the walk, some of those dogs will be dropped off at home and new dogs are picked up for a second run to the park. Your dog will remain with his walker the entire time throughout the day. Can’t get any better than that!


  • must be fully vaccinated and up-to-date with proof  (Leptospirosis and Bordatella vaccines are highly recommended)
  • must be friendly towards other dogs and people
  • must be at least 6 months old
  • must be spayed or neutered

Benefits of this Service:

  • great for high energy dogs or for those who enjoy the companionship of others
  • we adhere to Mississauga Dog Walker Bylaw which stipulates that groups cannot exceed 8 dogs per dog walker
  • dog walkers are trained to control up to 8 dogs per group



Dog Walking

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