Dog Walking Questions

1. Can anyone join a group walk or daycare?

We require your dog to be friendly with other dogs and people, at least 5 months of age, and fully vaccinated. Please check out our Services pages for more details!

2. How does dog daycare work?

Our dog daycare program works just like taking your dog out for a group walk only for a REALLY LONG time! We will pick your dog up in the morning and he won’t return home until the end of the day, usually between 3-4 pm. Your dog will have plenty of exercise as well as rest in between walks. He will also have plenty of water, treats, and one-on-one bonding with his dog walker.
Your dog will love it – We know ours does!

About Us

We’re an energetic couple who created our company simply because we love animals. Suburban Dog Inc. has more than 25 years of combined experience caring for our and other peoples' pets.

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