Does this happen even after a long walk or fetch in the backyard? Your dog is likely getting bored from a lack of stimulation, socialization and movement in their day. They also might be developing a certain level of separation anxiety because they are so used to doing everything with you.

While your dog is happy you are home all the time with them, they want to see other things than just you, your home or your neighborhood. While you are busy working or cleaning up around the house, they are not getting the right levels of exercise, socialization or mental stimulation they need to thrive.

When your dog is experiencing a lack of socialization, they will usually act out by participating in destructive behaviors. This is your dog’s way of letting you know that they need to be more stimulated. Just because you are physically home more often doesn’t mean they will be more active.

You could have noticed these behaviors already, such as increased barking and whining, chewing on household items or increased self-grooming. These are signs that your dog is not getting their needs met regarding exercise and socialization.

If you can’t commit to giving your dog the required exercise, you should consider the services of in a dog walker. With their dog walker and a group of other dogs, they will be able to burn off their energy and socialize with other dogs to their heart’s content. These are some ways that a dog walker can help your dog keep a happy and healthy life, allowing you more time to spend on your work or errands.


Dogs will be able to run and roam freely on our extended group walks. Each day with their dog walker, they will have two hours of supervised free playtime at a leash-free park! Dog walking services allow your pup to get some fresh air and sun, in addition to socialization with other people and animals. These areas are designed to keep the health of your pup in mind. Getting rid of extra energy to stay healthy will not be an issue when they are exercising with their dog walker and new friends.


Dogs who walk with our team members can enjoy days filled with exercise, playing with their furry friends, and interacting with caring human supervisors. Your dog will enjoy maximum fun for a full two hours at a local leash-free park, being able to freely interact with other dogs and people. It’s a great way for your pup to refresh and get some much-needed exercise, play time and socialization with humans other pets.