Keep reading if you have hired a group dog walker but still don’t know what to expect. This goes for either on or off-leash group dog walking. Here is what you can expect from your group dog walking services.

There will be some variance when it comes to your pick-up and drop-off times. In some cases, dog walkers will need to make slight changes in the order of pick-ups and drop-offs. One day, your pup might get picked up first or later down the route. Your dog walker might be bringing your pup somewhere further away and end up coming earlier to give them more time to drive.

You should expect your dog’s walk to be shortened in length during severe weather conditions. Walks are supposed to be fun, not dangerous. If it is frigid, hot or thundering, hailing, or pouring, your dog walker might choose to shorten the time for the walk for your dog’s safety and well-being. You will be notified of these changes, like if the walk will be shortened or cancelled altogether. You should also expect to be billed for the total amount of the walk unless it is cancelled. Once there is nice weather again, your dog walker will make up the time because it will be enjoyable to be outside with the dogs. It is recommended that you leave a three-hour window to expect any service to be completed. Your timeline should have one hour for pick-ups, one hour for walking and one hour for dropping off.

You should also be prepared for accidents and injuries to happen. They are usually pretty minor such as bumps, bruises, scratches or scrapes. There could also be more severe injuries such as broken bones, bites, or broken nails. Fights may also occur between dogs who are either on or off-leash. There is also a risk of dogs stepping on sharp objects like glass or tripping over large holes. You will be notified immediately if your dog gets injured during their walk.

You can also expect your dog to sometimes get an upset stomach or diarrhea. When your dog walker is doing a group walk, they will be walking up to eight dogs, and it will be impossible to watch every one of them closely. Sometimes they may eat a tissue off the ground or something else that will upset their stomach. If your dog eats something dangerous like a chicken bone, you will be notified.

You should also expect your dog to come back from their walk wet and dirty at certain times. If it is raining or had rained the other day, then it is very likely that they will come home muddy. You should leave a towel for your dog by the door, so they can be dried off. If your dog is going on off-leash walks to the park, then they might get sandy or be covered in mud.