Putting your dog into pack walks is a great way for them to experience the outside world in a safe environment. Seeing new things, smelling new smells and hearing new sounds are important for developing your dog’s ability to handle any situation that comes their way. It will also help to desensitize them to noises and other distractions and help them remain calm when they are in a crowded street or see other dogs out and about.

If you are interested in doing group walks with your dog, the best thing to do is start them off as young as possible. The first 14 weeks of a puppy’s life are some of the most important to help them with their social development, and giving them early exposure helps make them smarter and easier to train.

Dogs that are socialized young can respond better to communication and have better social skills from watching others. During group walks, they will benefit from seeing older dogs modelling good behaviours. This will also help your dog become more confident in themselves. When they are in a pack environment, they will be able to get reassurance and validation from older dogs. And as an owner, you can meet dog walkers and other dog owners who can help show you the proper ways to train and handle your dog.

It is also very good exercise. Group walks can help relieve your dog of some energy and keep them mentally and physically fit. It is also an intellectually stimulating activity for the dog to meet new dogs and new people. Pack walks help you build up a relationship of trust with your dog.

These are some group walking tips to help you prepare for your first group walking session:

– Be sure to have a 6ft or shorter leash with a very secure collar. You should never use a retractable leash.
– Make sure that your dog’s collar has their ID on it and that they are microchipped just in case they get away or make a run for it.
– Don’t take any puppies to a group walk that have not been fully vaccinated yet, or any female dogs that are in heat.
– You should take note of how your dog is responding to the group walk and be patient and respectful of others in the group. Not every single group will be suitable for your dog. Some groups allow minimal interaction, and some allow more interactions. There are some that are only for single breeds, and others that are for mixed breeds, and others that are for larger groups. If you are worried, then you should test out some of these
different groups and see if your dog is a good fit.
– Dogs who tend to be nervous should be kept a bit further away from the main group and then slowly introduced.
– Some dogs can be too old, too young, or simply too rambunctious to be able to walk in a group walk. So you should skip out on the group walk and go solo instead.

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