Walking your dog is an essential component of their overall health. It is great for their digestion, joint health, weight management, and even sleep schedule. Socialization is another component that is important in your dog’s development. Allow for both socialization and exercise when you take your dog on group walks with a dog walker. Your dog needs to have a few essential skills before they are ready for group walks, though. Your dog should be able to walk without pulling on the leash and get along well with other groups of dogs. Here is how you can prepare your dog for their first group walk!

Training Your Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash

Many dogs are used to being able to pull on the leash without any issues from their owners. When walking in a group scenario, this can make walks a lot more difficult. Your dog and the walker will have a much more enjoyable time if you are able to break their bad habit before the first walk.

  • Start by going on a solo walk with your dog. When you notice their pulling, stop and wait for them to stop as well. Once they return to you, begin walking again.
  • You can call their name and reward them for returning to your side with a small treat at the side. By giving them the treat at the side, you teach them to go there when you call their name as opposed to out in front.

Training Your Dog To Get Along With Other Dogs

Your dog likely is not used to socializing with other dogs if you don’t have other dogs in the house. On group walks, socialization is a huge part of the experience. When you rapidly introduce socialization, you may run into issues. In order to make sure your dog is good with socialization, you can take them to dog parks. Dog parks are full of other dogs and allows your dog the opportunity to learn and get along with other dogs in the park.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Vaccinated

Your dog should have all their up to date shots. This protects your dog along with all the other dogs in the group. Without proper vaccinations, you and everyone else’s dog may be vulnerable to disease.

Your Dog Needs To Be At Least 5 Months Old

In order to participate in group walks, your dog needs to be at least five months old. This way, issues with regards to behaviour and illnesses can be addressed.

Now that your dog is ready for their first of many group walks, it’s time to find the right dog walker. Contact Suburban Dog Inc. for all your Mississauga dog walking needs! Our team is made up of caring and experienced dog walkers, so you can be sure your dog is in the best hands, next to you, of course!