Training is an extremely important part of owning a dog, and teaching them good manners and healthy habits is a must. This will help build a better relationship, and both you and your dog will be happier as a result. Reinforcing healthy behaviors in your dog’s everyday life will ensure you have a good dog, and the following tips will help your dog develop good habits:

Take Them With You On Shopping Trips

A lot of stores will allow you to bring your dog inside, so take your dog with you whenever you can because this is a great teaching opportunity. Once you are inside, you can teach your dog to sit politely, and you can also teach them to wait and to stay put while you browse.

Bring Your Dog Along On Car Rides

They need to be able to get in and out of your car, so even if you have to go out to run short errands, take your dog with you because, in addition to valuable bonding time, they can also pick up on good habits as well.

Teach Them To Sit Down Politely

Barking, lunging and jumping are all considered bad behaviors that should not be acknowledged, and you need to put a stop to this because you and guests will be bothered by these actions. Practice sitting politely with your dog, especially when family members and friends show up at your door.

Make Sure They Understand The Sit And Down Commands

Your dog needs to know how to relax, and they need to understand when they can run around and when it’s time for them to sit. They also have to understand that jumping is unacceptable, so when you say down, they need to obey this command. Practice these commands whenever you are watching TV, cooking or eating so that they develop manners over time.

Make Sure They Understand The Word Stay

It’s especially important to practice this command in distracting environments so that your dog does not think they are in charge. Practice while you’re at the park or whenever you’re in a social setting, so have your dog sit politely and make sure they stay until it’s appropriate for them to start moving again.

Reward your dog whenever they exhibit good behavior so that they know they are behaving politely. This will encourage them to continue with their good behavior, so acknowledge this by offering them a treat or playtime. Remain consistent with your training and remember that it takes effort and time, but this is a must.

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