Dog walks are a great way for your pet to get some exercise, explore new sights and sounds, meet new people and pets, relieve themselves, and so much more! Few of us are blessed with flexible work schedules and can make time during our busy days to walk our dogs.

Walking your dog is so much more than just taking it for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood. It is the only time that your pet can truly enjoy itself. As responsible pet owners, you must not compromise on your pet’s needs and requirements.

Fortunately, group dog walking services are becoming more popular in Canada. Suburban Dog Inc has over two decades of experience caring for pets in the Mississauga area. In our previous blog, we discussed all the benefits of group walks for your dog. We often fail to realize that these walks can also be enjoyable for your pet.

Professional dog walkers lead your pet on long walks for almost one hour in length. Generally, this does not include the time taken to pick up and drop off your dog. At an off-leash dog park in Mississauga, your pet can positively enjoy itself as it gets to run around, explore, socialize with other dogs and learn a few simple tricks and commands.

During these fun-little exercises, dog walkers can train your dog on basic obedience, such as ‘drop it,’ learning to stick with the pack, and so much more. Moreover, a trained professional will cater to your dog’s individual needs. While some dogs like to chase other dogs around in Mississauga’s dog park, others may enjoy playing fetch.

The benefits of group dog walks are plenty as they can enjoy themselves through play and exercise. Your dog will socialize with other dogs of different breeds and sizes and also learn appropriate behaviour.

While looking for a group dog walker in Mississauga, check that they are certified. A professional dog walker makes all the difference in how your dog will be treated on their walks and if they will truly enjoy themselves.

If you are concerned about how your pet will be treated on their long walks, you can check if your dog walker has a clean criminal record, is professionally trained, has experience in first aid and also relevant testimonials from their other clients. In Mississauga, group dog walkers have city permits to walk a maximum of eight dogs per group within a leash-free dog park.

To get your dog enrolled in a group dog walking service, you have to make sure that your pet is friendly towards other dogs and people, is vaccinated, is spayed or neutered and at least six months old to join the group. The age requirement is usually put in place to ensure that dogs can keep up with each other and are not aggressive.