If you are considering hiring a dog walker, you likely have a number of questions, and this is very natural because you want to make sure your pet is in good hands. This is especially true if your dog will be joining group walks, as you may be uncomfortable with the idea if you do not know what to expect.

The good news is that group walks are very beneficial for dogs because it allows them to socialize while exercising, so they will remain happy, healthy and mentally stimulated. The following guide will provide you with more information so that you have a better understanding of this service.

The order of pickups can change, so your dog can sometimes be the first, and they can sometimes be the last. This means you should expect some variance in the pickup and drop off times because this can depend on the route and the park they will be visiting that day. Weather will play a role in this as well, and depending on this aspect, the walks may be shortened. Nicer days will allow for longer walks, whereas thunderstorms or hail will shorten the walk. As a dog owner, you will be given a window during which the service will be fulfilled and a three hour window is very common because it allows one hour for pickups, one hour for the walk and one hour for drop offs.

While it is rare, injuries can happen. Bumps, scratches and scrapes may occur because dogs are energetic, and they may not be able to contain their excitement while playing at the park or walking with other dogs. If an injury of any kind were to occur, you would be notified. You should also expect that your dog may occasionally come home wet or dirty because this is a natural part of being outdoors. If it is raining, your dog will get wet, and it is also very likely that they will be covered in sand or mud after playing at the park. You can leave a towel at the door to help your dog dry off, as this will prevent dirt from entering your home.

Another thing you should expect is adjustments to your dog’s walks. This is because groups change and dogs get older, so they may start with a young and more active group initially and move to another group later on. As they get older, they may not want to walk with a group that is full of puppies, as this will no longer be enjoyable, so it is possible for the dog walker to recommend a change. Ultimately, the dog walker will prioritize your dog’s happiness and will want them to enjoy the walks, so they will place them in the right group accordingly.

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